5 of West Africa’s Best Beaches

5 of West Africa’s Best Beaches


One of the main attractions of travel is the great beaches. A beach vacation is the perfect getaway for couples and families that need to relax and be undistracted in time together. The beach is especially special because it gets you away from the routines of life. There is no need to talk on cell phones, check emails, or be running here and there every evening to attend meetings or events. In West Africa, there is an abundant variety of lovely beaches to meet that need. Take a look at our favorite 4.

  1. Beyin Beach, Ghana


The sunset is amazing over the gulf. What you’re likely to remember about the beautiful sandy arc of remote Beyin beach are the tall, soaring palms along its edge. It’s a classic African working beach, and you can expect to watch about 100 men pulling in enormous seine nets filled with fish. The stilted Nzulezo village can be reached by taking a dugout boat from the irrigation canal across the road from the beach.

  1. River No. 2 Beach, Freetown, Sierra Leone

River No 2 beach 7

There’s a real sense of space and being in the middle of nowhere at River No. 2 Beach just outside Freetown in Sierra Leone, with its pure white sand and a backdrop of lush, vegetated mountains. If you can tear yourself away from the beach, hire a canoe from the local development association and paddle up the river to a waterfall.

  1. Cap Skirring, Senegal

A wide bay with a flat beach fringed on one side by unspoilt dune vegetation and on the other, the corduroy waves of the Atlantic Ocean — Cap Skirring is one of the loveliest beaches of Casamance, which is in turn one of Senegal’s most beautiful regions. There’s not been too much development in terms of tourism here, but a taxi ride to the white beach of Boucotte will get you even further from it all. Keen drummers can be entertained at the nearby villages of Kafountine and Abéné.

  1. Chaves beach, Boa Vista, Cape Verde


This is as unspoilt as beaches get. At remote Chaves Beach on Boa Vista, a striking expanse of curvy, wind-carved sand dunes eventually run down into the Atlantic. With its open landscape and soft sand, this desert island is a sunbather’s paradise. Chaves beach is isolation at its most lovely. If you love seafood, ask one of the local fishermen to catch your favorite.


  1. Eleko Beach, Nigeria


Eleko beach is a nice getaway for the fashionable Lagosians, as the people of Lagos where the beach is located, are known. It is perhaps the most pleasant public beach along the peninsula. It is a big 60km trip east of the city. Beach huts can be rented for the day and many people are available to make you barbeque.

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