8 Hot Destinations to Invest In Africa

8 Hot Destinations to Invest In Africa

Business investments in Africa are becoming attractive to global investors. The continent is filled with abundant resources that have not yet been tapped into. In terms of perception of economic growth, Africa has steadily improved over the past years. Africa is the only place where investors can get truly remarkable returns. The continent offer massive investment potentials with most innovative and dynamic economies. The African destinations are beautiful places where investors can set up a new business and soar.

Africa is a land of opportunities. If you are thinking of investing in Africa by leveraging these opportunities, here are 8 hot destinations to invest – emerging markets with sound economic policies and you will be assured of steady and safe returns.

1. South Africa 


South Africa has become sought after destination for good investment opportunities. The African country offers perfect setting for investment, as it attracts foreign investors to set up or support new businesses. South Africa offers massive investment potential and it is the most progressive and industrious economies in Africa, offering several incentives to entice investors such as tax reduction andfunding for projects, which provides usefuladvantages to the country. From property investment to manufacturing and export, the country has opened up opportunities for investments to enhance economic expansion and growth.

2. Nigeria


Investing in Nigeria is an amazing idea if you want to gain profit and watch your revenue grow. The country is blessed with vast natural resources and has seen a massive influx in its economic growth due to these resources. In 2014, Nigeria superseded South Africa and became Africa’s biggest economy.  Both the economic and natural factors have made Nigeria a great African country to invest. From agriculture, E-commerce and IT, stock exchange and real estate, Nigeria is a great destination to invest money for development and diversification.

3. Kenya

Nairobi Skyline

In spite of the terrorist attacks and unstable security in Kenya, the rate of investment is increasing day by day.  The country has become an investment hub, new developments are popping up as more investors are investing and supporting new businesses. The country’s economy is robust and expending. From construction and real estate, agriculture, small scale manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, ICT; Kenya has an interesting selection of investment opportunities, which is being exploited by investors, foreign and local.

4. Ethiopia


Ethiopia is gaining recognition as an investment hub in Africa. According to Ross McLean, Dow”s President for Sub-Saharan Africa, “Ethiopia has got a government that is managing economic development in a very deliberate, cautious manner. It”s the second-most populous country in Africa. It hasn”t urbanized like other African countries, but it”s going to. It”s a very exciting place” Investing in Ethiopia is considered a great business strategy because investors are guaranteed a continuing fiscal security and high revenue.

5. Rwanda

Downtown Kigali

Investors believe that durable investment opportunities are in Rwanda markets; therefore, investing in the country has become a prevalent business decision for many local and foreign investors. The country features remarkably robust economic pointersand stronggovernment influence. No wonder Rwanda seems to be outshining some destinations by providing outstanding returns on investments.

6. Uganda


Uganda is an investment goldmine due to its fast rising economy and political stability. From real estate, coffee exportation, agricultural raw materials, textile and cotton businesses, tourism and hospitality; there are numerous investment opportunities in the country.  Investors seeking to capitalize on growing economies are now considering Uganda, more businesses and moving to the country because of the huge potential for profits and of course larger markets.

7. Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam

Tanzania offers remarkable investment opportunities for investors in various industries such as telecom and ICT, agricultural business, logistics & warehousing, real estate and energy. The country has become a hot destination to invest in Africa due to high extent of investment security caused by unequalled political stability, business-friendly economy and stable exchange rates and other factors. Tanzania is a diplomatic country with strong economic growth.

8. Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone may have gotten less attention from investors in the past, but the country is now offering great investment opportunities for foreign and local investors who are interested in investing in mining, small-scale manufacturing, infrastructure, energy, fisheries and agriculture. The country offers several incentives such as tax breaks to attract foreign investors. Sierra Leone has significant growth potential due to economic and political stability.