Amazing Seychelles Vacation

Amazing Seychelles Vacation

There is probably nothing sweeter than spending a relaxing vacation on coral white beaches in Seychelles Islands. Seychelles is a perfect piece of paradise that holds a big place in our hearts for stunning beaches and beautiful resorts. Sounds like heaven, right? The exotic islands is a hidden gem, yet to be fully discovered by most people but is being enjoyed by selective few.

Seychelles is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The island country is made up of 155 incredible islands and its capital city is Victoria. The islands of Seychelles are clusters of rocky and flat coral islands, complemented with endless expanses of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Home to about 90,024 people, Seychelles is often referred to by locals and tourists as‘the island of love’; it’s really a wonderful natural beauty of the ocean. The main islands are Praslin, Mahéand La Digue, which are the most popular tourist destinations and the locals’ favourite destinations. The islands are steeped in rich history, culture and heritage.


Seychelles is not a destination to overlook, as it offers great attractions and activities to enjoy. Even though it’s a small island country, it offers most services that you might probably need, without the glitches of a larger megalopolis. Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles is located on Mahé, which is the largest and the most inhabited island. The main attractions are: The Clock Tower, Victoria Market, The Victoria Botanical Garden, National Stadium, The Victoria National Museum of History and many others. Its great attractions are its beaches, each with its own personality. If you love shopping, you should probably head to Victoria Market where you will see lots of beautiful souvenirs to buy. There are several art galleries and stores where you can shop for local produce such as paintings, needlework, straw hats, textiles and many other crafts.


An amazing place to visit is Le Jardin du Roi, located just 20 minutes from Victoria. This place is where you will see the 18th century plantations, gardens of cinnamon, citronella, nutmeg and vanilla; Tortoises are seen roaming around the gardens. There is an open-air restaurant located here, where you can enjoy a delicious meal of tropical salads and fruits.


If you love snorkelling or you want to see more of undersea life; you should probably take a day tour to St. Anne Marine Park, which is surrounded by Cerf, Long, Moyenne and St. Anne islands.

Don’t miss Aldabra, the largest coral reef in the world and it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The highlight of this attraction is the giant land tortoise. Amazing, isn’t it?

Bird watching is an exciting experience, especially when you are seeing birds you have never seen. Bird Island and Cousin Island are located some kilometers from Mahé. Here you will find the most beautiful bird species, rare birds. These islands also have some white sandy beaches where you can swim, relax and unwind.

If the number of attractions in Seychelles is remarkable, the abundance of activities is absolutely astonishing. The island country offers a range of expeditions and water activities, rich relaxation and exciting experience in natural environs. Watersport activities such as fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and windsurfing are popular on the islands. If you want to experience the sea life in Seychelles, board on a yacht, catamaran or sailboat and explore the islands to your heart’s content.

Seychelles offers fine dining experiences. Its cuisine is based on seafood, fresh ingredients and chilies. If you love seafood, you will definitely love this island. There are a variety of restaurants that offer a fusion of African, Chinese, Indian, English and French cuisine. For a great night, there are several entertainment hotspots such as nightclubs, discos, and bars in Seychelles particularly in the capital city, where you can party, mingle and have a blast. You will definitely have an awesome night mingling with the friendly locals.

Praslin is also an exciting destination; the island has Seycehlles’ most beautiful beaches such as Anse Possession, Grand Anse, Anse Lazio, Anse La Farine, Anse Matelot, AnseBoudin and many others. Anse Lazio is said to be the best beach in Seychelles. The beach is developed, chic and touristy. The beach draws those wanting to unwind, relax and engage in water sports. Similarly, Praslin offers a wide range of accommodation facilities and provides a base for trips and tours to neighbouring islands.

La Digue Island is known for its peacefulness and serene atmosphere. In some way, it gets on by blending the old and the new seamlessly. It offers a local living life, where everything seems like the ‘olden days’. Transportation is via bicycles and ox carts.Although, there are cars but they are limited in numbers. This island offers amazing views, especially when you climb a mountain; you will see the natural beauty including the plantation ‘greenly’ views. It’s really a beauty to behold.


Seychelles has something for everyone and it”s a perfect holiday destination for couples, families and single travellers. Many of the hotels and resorts in the country provide all-inclusive accommodation packages, so you will have everything you need for your trip. The locals are polite and helpful.

If you care interested in visiting Seychelles, the island country is pleasant to visit for the 365 days in a year. However, the peak season is between November and December, when there are many visitors from Europe. Seychelles is easily reached from anywhere in the world by several airlines.

The only thing that’s better than going on holiday is going to Seychelles. Enjoy spacious resort-style accommodation, amazing beach experience and unique cuisine; you’ll definitely get so much fun. Let’s go there!

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