Ikogosi Warm Springs, Nigeria

Ikogosi Warm Springs, Nigeria


There is a place that is a gift from God hidden away in the rural and idyllic town of Ikogosi-Ekiti, an extraordinary tourist attraction where hot and cold water meet at Ikogosi warm spring, Ekiti state. It has a long record and its legend makes one proud.

Streaming parallel to the warm spring is another spring, a cold one. Both springs have a nearness to each other, but each flows on its own up to the point where they converge. Before they come together though, they both maintain their different characteristics, on e being cold, the other warm. It is the point at which they meet which that draws tourists to Ikogosi.

It is said that a great hunter once had two wives. One had an explosive temper and the other was a quiet woman. On an occasion, the two wives had an altercation and were consequently reprimanded by their husband, the excitable wife transformed to the warm spring and not to be outdone, the quiet wife tuned to the cold spring.

At Ikogosi, visitors are regaled with myths like this one, ensuring that they have a delightful experience. This attraction offers the tranquility that anyone who requires a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will certainly appreciate.