It’s not Hard to Love Sierra Leone

It’s not Hard to Love Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is made up of an astonishing diversity of ethnic groups, including Temnes, Korankos, Mandingoes, Susus, Limbas, Mendes, Kissis, Konos, Fullas, Vais, Yalonkas, Sherbros, Krus, Krims and Creoles.  This assortment has made possible a distinctive amalgamation of different cultural ways of life.\r\nThe people are energetic, cheerful and communicative. There’s a great respect for traditions and belief systems which are extensively practiced. The essence of these lively people can be found in the variety of food, sparkling celebrations, colorful fashion, jewelry, and performing arts.

Sierra Leoneans are usually sociable and welcoming and really like to enjoy life while relaxing. English is the official language, however the more broadly spoken is Krio- the lingua franca- which originated with the freed slaves who came back to Sierra Leone after slavery was abolished. Learning basic Krio words and phrases like “how di bodi” meaning how are you, is fine way to endear the natives.

Best Time To Visit

If you’re thinking of experiencing the beautiful land of Sierra Leone, November is usually the best period. At that time the rains have come and gone and the dusty harmattan winds are yet to set in. The rainy season extends from mid-May to mid-November, with July and August being the drenching phase. The humidity can be oppressive along the coast but you can be thankful for the reprieve that the cool sea breezes bring.

Getting There

Anyone entering Sierra Leone must have a valid passport or travel document. There is a visa exemption for citizens of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). All other nationalities will require a visa, which are issued at Sierra Leone’s overseas missions and at the land borders. Visa prices significantly from one national to the other but they are not difficult to get.

Flying to Sierra Leone

The international airport is located at Lungi.  There are many airlines serving the airport in many in neighboring African countries. You can come in by Fly Mid Africa from Dakar, Lagos, Accra and Banjul.  The airport lies across the bay. It thus makes the water taxi or hovercraft the connecting means to town. There are also speedboats or helicopters available for charter.

Driving to Sierra Leone

One can enter Sierra Leone by road from its border with Guinea (Conakry) and Liberia. Those who desire passage by private vehicle will need special permits. There are private taxis, buses and trucks that ply the Conakry/Freetown route on a daily basis.

Places To Visit

Bureh Beach Surf

Bureh Beach Surf

Waves are guaranteed. The beach is astonishing, the sand is golden and Banana Island presents a sweet background. There are breathtaking views of the Peninsula Mountains. Accommodation is offered in the form of several huts situated on the best of the beach. You may keep coming back here.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary


Tacugama is set in the beautiful rainforest on the outskirts of Freetown and provides an absolutely dazzling scenery. It is like another world cut away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The tour guides have absolute knowledge of the place and will delightfully answer any questions asked of them. There are chalets for visitors passing the night.

Tambakula Arts and Craft Centre

A visit to the Arts center is one of the most preferred experiences especially in the area of shopping.  There is a wide-ranging variety of crafts which can serve as great gift items or in the use of fashion and home décor.  Available at the center are items including tie-dye and batik fabrics, glass and cloth beads, country cloth, wooden carvings and woven bags.



Freetown is a city with, as they say, “a view”.  What makes the city so beautiful is that you are within sight of the sea no matter where you are. The beaches are clean and beautiful and the people are hospitable. Freetown has some gorgeous view points. Spectacular clouds sweep down over the green mountain peaks as the bright sun illuminates the sea.

Where To Stay


Companero is suitable whether you are in Freetown for business or pleasure. It rises above the standard you would expect from a hotel in Sierra Leone, providing facilities like running water, WIFI, electricity and a laundry service that is absolutely free of charge.

Although the rooms are basic, they are clean and air condition is offered in each room. You can spend time at the spectacular private beach located near Kent town where a new Camponero Hotel Beach Resort is under construction.

Lighthouse Hotel

The Lighthouse provides a lovely view of the bay. Every room has a balcony and is especially ideal for lovers looking for a bit of romance especially as it is quiet at night.

The Hub Hotel

Rooms are finished to the highest of standards with very effectual air conditioning. The lovely swimming pool overlooks the sea.

Hotel Barmoi

Hotel Barmoi offers a secure place to stay, with walled in guarded enclosures for safety, comfort and privacy. The bedrooms and bathrooms are nice and the pool area below is wonderful. The atmosphere is generally beautiful.