Kakum National Park – A must stop while visiting Ghana.

Kakum National Park – A must stop while visiting Ghana.


Nature lovers will feel right at home at Kakum National Park. It has a long history which dates all the way back to 1931 when it was established as a reserve. The park which is one of the most renowned in Ghana is located 33km north of Cape Coast, Central Regional capital and about 170km from Accra. The most famous attraction in Kakum is perhaps the Canopy Walkway which continues to draw in visitors in their droves.

Its rainforest of fresh green vegetation offers a sanctuary from the bustling cities and stifling heat of the coast.  This special place is home to a variety of untamed animals, including leopards, gigantic hogs, flying squirrels, forest elephants and all forms of monkey. For nature lovers who feverishly desire to observe this spectacular view of scenery, an overnight stay is a small price to pay. Otherwise there isn’t much to see. Organized camping trips are quite popular and this presents the best opportunities for sightseers as you can take in all the glory that radiates the park.

Getting to Kakum is easiest from Cape Coast. Signposts to the park are found along the Jukwa road, roughly 33 kilometers from Cape Coast. Jump on a tro-tro heading to Jukwa from any Cape Coast stop.

The canopy for which Kakum is famous is great fun.  Visitors are assigned a tour guide who will most likely do a good job of providing information about the park. Smaller groups tend to get more from the experience such as having types of trees explained. There is a 1 cedi fee per person to get access to the park and 40 cedi per person for the canopy walk. There is a rebate for students.

The walk up to the bridge itself is rather steep and it is good to know this as those with health concerns may want to consider it before paying. It would also be advisable to go along with a bottle of water prior to heading to the bridges. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase, as well as typical souvenirs, inside the park.

A great experience awaits any who might be staying over. There is an option of sleeping on a platform on a tree 20 mt high. It will be a snooze you won’t be quick to forget.