Learn an African Language (Yoruba)

Learn an African Language (Yoruba)


Language learning is an important part of tourism. It’s really very frustrating to visit a place in which you do not understand a bit of their language. As a tourism it’s important to try and know some basic interactional language of the region you are visiting to make your journey a worthwhile experience.


Therefore, your favourite travel reference, Travel to West Africa has decided to teach an African language i.e. the major African languages in each of its edition. In this edition we go into Yoruba language learning.


Yoruba is mostly spoken in Nigeria and the republic of Benin outside Africa Yoruba is spoken in Cuba and Brazil. Here in this edition we will take you through the Yoruba greetings and common phrases that a tourist might need.


Yoruba          English              French             Portuguese

E kaabo          Welcome               Bien Venue           Bem Vindo

O dabo           Good bye              Bien Voyage           boa Viagem

E kaaro          Good Morning           Bon jour             Bom dia

Salafia ni?        How are you?          comment Csava         como esta

Alafia ni a dupe   Very well thank you     Csava bien merci        Bem muito obrigado

O daaro o        Good night             Bon nuit             Boa noite

E see pupo        Thank you very much    Merci beacoup         Muito obrigado



Yoruba             English                   French                   Portuguese

Se o gbo Yoruba?       Do you speak Yoruba?         Tu parle Yoruba?            Voce fala Yoruba?


Mio gbo Yoruba        I don’t understand Yoruba     Je ne comprends  pas Yoruba   Eu nao compreendo Yoruba


Kini itumo oro yi?      What does this word mean?     Que signifie ce mot?           Que quer dizer esta palavra ?


Nje o mo?            do you know?                Savez vous?                Voce sabe?


Nje o da o loju?        are you sure?              Es-tu sur?                 Tem certeza?


Oju nkan mi          I’m in a hurry              Je suis presse               Tenho Pressa


Beeni                Yes                       Qui                       Sim


Beeko                No                       Non                      nao


Taksi                Taxi                      Taxi                     Taxi


Nibo la nlo?           Where are we going?          ou allons- nous?             Onde vamos?


Ile ounje              Restaurant                Restaurant                o restaurant