My Favourite African City- Funmi Oyatogun

My Favourite African City- Funmi Oyatogun

    My name is ‘Funmi Oyatogun. My birthday is on the 16th of March. I am Nigerian and I love to explore the world. God’s world is beautiful. I’m a trained environmental scientist and development geographer. I am also a travel designer.

    I was born in Port Harcourt, grew up in Port Harcourt and The Hague, went to undergrad in Colorado and for my masters in Edinburgh. Now, I live in Lagos. Apart from travelling, I love people, ideas, books, odd music and innovation.



    Nairobi is the city I am most likely to want to live in. The weather is perfect, there is a rising thirst for enterprise but it is calmer than Lagos, which I find a bit too forceful. So, I love Nairobi. I’ve been to Nairobi 6 times in the last 8 months. It is truly where I feel most comfortable outside home.


    Zanzibar is Paradise. God specially hand crafted Zanzibar and I am so thankful He did. Zanzibar is where my body and mind can escape.


    Lagos. I rever Lagos. We might not always like each other but I have a healthy respect for Lagos for all the things that are nurtured here. Living in Lagos is like living in the eye of a storm or in the heart of a volcano. But we all know what good volcanic ash and storm residue can do for the surrounding soil.

    *** Culled from the African Travel Club Group Forum