Royal Air Maroc: a true African Airline

Royal Air Maroc: a true African Airline


Royal Air Maroc transported about 1,3 million passengers on its African destination in 2014 during the period spanning from November 1st, 2013 to the end of October, 2014. This represents an increase of 16 % with regard to the previous year. During this year, the national company operated 16 285 flights on 32 air routes towards the continent.


The bulk of this increase is ascribed to nine air links, namely flights connecting Morocco to Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Mauritania, Guinea, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia and Gabon. Through these regular connections, Royal Air Maroc could carry 782,000 passengers.


This result shows the commitment of the national company in the strengthening strategy of its anchorage  in its natural environment, by developing its network on the continent and improving its offer and its services for the benefit of the clientele in Africa. This assessment was realized despite of the unfavorable circumstances faced by continent and which affected the development of the air transport sector in the region, notably those relating to the outbreak of Ebola; which is considered to be the most serious epidemic having affected the continent.


Royal Air Maroc’s performance is also reflective of its sincere and responsible commitment to support the continental developmental efforts in line with the solidarity policy led by the Kingdom in Africa.

The company is launched in this process by means of continental development partnerships of the main and big cultural and artistic events such Dak’ Art in Senegal, MASA (Market for African Arts and Show) of Cote d’Ivoire, FESPACO (Panafrican Film and Television Festival) of Burkina Faso …


Besides, out of responsible solidarity and following the appeal of the international organizations involved in the fight against this epidemic including the WHO, Royal Air Maroc maintained its flights to countries affected by the Ebola epidemic.

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