The Secrets of Cost Effective Global Travels/ Holiday

The Secrets of Cost Effective Global Travels/ Holiday


Traveling can be interesting, educative and fun.  To say that I love traveling will be an understatement. I mostly travel for business and a few times, leisure. A number of times I’ve heard most people imagining how comfortable I could be to afford these trips…of course, I’ve laughed and quietly say to myself that I wish they know how affordable international holiday can be!

The three key ingredients for trip/ holiday are:


Flight fare

Hotel accommodation

Once these three are adequately taken care of, 80% of your holiday problems is solved. However, if you don’t like the hassles of getting visa, then plan to visit visa free destinations or at least, visa on arrival.


I have never been denied visa and I don’t see it happen.

The solution to this is to apply on time. Itemise the visa requirements list and provide them. You don’t really need any visa assistance.

Flight ticket

I once got a Lagos – Paris ticket of Air France that everyone including the ticketing staff of the airline were amazed. Getting such a cheap ticket during summer is simply ‘magical’

Hotel Accommodation

This is where usually a lots of saving is made and without compromising 5- Star treatment sometimes, early booking will help among some other factors.

You need not spending your entire life saving on holiday you only need to know how to go about it. Most times I make lots of cost effective flight and hotel booking on

That is the SECRET!

Here you can book flight to any part of the world and your hotel too on this the website and enjoy cost effective travels.


Tunde is a very versatile African traveler with visits to close to 20 countries on the continent and 10 others outside Africa. He enjoys photography and meeting people from different background.

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