Authentic  Chinese Restaurants in West Africa

Authentic  Chinese Restaurants in West Africa


What is special about Chinese cuisine? An ancient Chinese Philosopher gives us a hint. Lao Zi, the founder of Taoism once compared governing a nation to cooking a small fish. Chinese cuisine symbolizes comfort and tradition. And so it’s not unusual when you feel like celebrating a special occasion to call on delicacy from this area.

Chinese cuisine is truly unique for a lot of reasons, but the one that makes it especially so is the delicate balancing of ingredients. A proper Chinese meal always contains an equal division of fan, grains and starhes, and t’sai, meat and vegetables. This is reflective of the Chinese belief in the importance of balance and harmony in life generally.

Popular the world over, Chinese cuisine has become an important element of travel. And so even when you are far away from home, no matter where it is that you may go, you hope that you will find a Chinese restaurant on your sojourn.

When you come to West Africa, these are the Chinese restaurants, you must visit.


Oriental Garden (Lagos, Nigeria)


You step into Oriental Garden knowing that you are definitely in an authentic Chinese restaurant.  Located on the third floor of the Oriental Hotel, you walk into an atmosphere created by the brilliant furnishings set in true Chinese style.  It offers a fine view overlooking the lagoon. The food is excellent, the rice portions are huge and one order of rice can easily serve 2 or possibly, 3 people. If you like spicy Chinese food, this restaurant is just right for you. It is frequented by many Chinese, which is in itself an evidence of the quality of the cuisine. It’s not the cheapest but certainly one of the very best when it comes to quality, quantity and taste.

Hangzhou (Accra, Ghana)


Just a stone throw from Oxford Street, anyone who is able to get past its basic setting will testify to the high quality of the food on offer. Whatever is that may catch your fancy, it will be truly authentic Chinese. What is special about Hangzhou is that they have not compromised the integrity of the cuisine to cater for local, non-Chinese or untrained palates. Most of the diners are Chinese expats. The menu has a huge variety including pork fat braised in soy sauce, gong-bao chicken, Maputo tofu, chiken soup and so on. The restaurant is best suited for group diners as individual dishes are meant to be part of a multi-course meal.

La pointe des Almadies (Dakar, Senegal)


The best part of La pointe des Almadies is probably the service. The owner makes it a point to check on diners to ensure that they are enjoying their meal. The staff are hospitable, friendly and helpful.The location vies with the service. It faces the sea just beside the US embassy. The food is excellent and very tasty. Restaurant guests are welcome to use the pool and this just makes it a great place to visit in the hot season since everyone can cool off.

The Green Mamba Garden (Kololi, Gambia)


Just around the corner from Senegambia beach hotel, the atmosphere at this restaurant is amazing. It is perfect for romance- the tables are set out in secluded alcoves in the garden- and couples will find the Green Mamba more than ideal. In what can be described as a concept restaurant, guests select their own meat/fish, vegetable, noodles and sauce. This would then be delivered at their table after it is stir fried. This is a place you definitely keep going back to.

Ivory Mandarin Bistro (Dunedin, Ivory Coast)


The meals are the greatest feature of this restaurant. Each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients. It’s also one of the best value you get anywhere when it comes to price compared to what is offered. The atmosphere is casual, tables are nicely set, complimentary nibbles sent over and the menu is extensive. The property is well-maintained and decorated in classic Chinese style.


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