Some Major West African Events and Festivals

Some Major West African Events and Festivals

The West Africa region is rich in festivals and celebrations. There is a variety of festivals celebrated throughout the year in different parts of the part of the continent that reflects a diverse mix of African traditions. There is certainly plenty to see in the coming quarter of the year. If your travel dates coincide with any of these, be sure to attend.

Cape Verde – Magic Tuesdays on the beach – July

Enjoy a wonderful Cape Verdian style buffet directly on Santa maria beach under the stars. Entertainment includes local Cape Verdian folk music and a fire eater. There also the opportunity to do some night fishing all equipment is provided.

Senegal – Gorée Diaspora Festival – November/December

This artistic festival was established to promote links between Senegal and the descendants of the slaves forced to leave Africa from Gorée Island. Conferences and meetings filled with debates and discussions are held alongside lively dancing and musical performances. Many performers and visitors of African descent have rediscovered their roots at this emotional festival held between November and December each year.

Ghana – Africa Hospitality Show – August

The “Africa Hospitality show” will connect Hotels, Airlines, Real Estate Developers, Travel and Tours, Car Rentals, food distributors, equipment manufacturers, food service suppliers and dealers with qualified buyers, industry executives, chefs and restaurateurs. This event will attract restaurant owners and operators to purchasing agents and corporate executives who are all looking to improve and enhance their businesses.

The Gambia – July 22nd Celebrations   

July 22nd Celebrations, Banjuls Arch 22 is the venue of this annual celebration where visitors can witness official cultural performances and parades. This day commemorates Yahya Jammeh’s military coup in 1994 staged to overthrow Dawda Jawara.

Cote D’Ivoire – Festival of Masks – November

The most popular of all the Ivory Coast events, Fêtes des Masques, or the Festival of Masks, is an annual event held in November. It is a time to pay homage to the forested spirits embodied by the villagers who wear colorful costumes and masks. The celebration is held in the northern region in the town of Man.

Togo – Gbagba – August 

Held every August in the Kpalime region, this multi-day festival has three purposes: firstly, to worship the animist deities; secondly, to signal the end of the farming cycle with the harvest; and thirdly, to celebrate the beginning of the rest period. There are many songs and dances performed, all with an undercurrent of traditional African drumming.